mOOkstr is a 6-year-old software incubation company whose mission is to disrupt industries by providing innovative solutions across a wide range of technologies. We have a simple culture at mOOkstr. DOYA Exceed? Do you do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. Then exceed expectations. One of our DOYA’s is our flagship brand, RetailSync, that was launched 5 years ago focusing on Walmart Retail Analytics, but not limited to, and is comprised of 3 modules to support various needs across Sales, Replenishment, Category, and Post Analysis. mOOkstr is more than an analytics company. We’re a solutions provider company that works closely with our clients to give the right tools for the right jobs. With more touch points with Retail Link Applications, OTIF, PO Routing, Item Creations, Decision Support, etc, than any provider in our space, we’re confident we can help you solve any data challenges that your company faces. Our mission statement is simple: “Helping suppliers figure out the actions they need to take and record the actions they have taken.”