Startup Junkie Consulting

Startup Junkie Consulting is a globally proven social venture. We don’t just work with startups. Along with working with startups, we also work in depth with existing ventures up to approximately $15MM in annual revenue, from all industry verticals. We can help with all aspects, from starting up, to scaling up. We’ve built a reputation as recognized experts for helping to scale some of the most exciting growing brands ($150K-$15MM in annual revenue) in NWA, the Ozarks, and beyond. Further, our partners at Community Venture Foundation (NWA’s recognized non-profit leader focused on building it’s entrepreneurship and innovation community) provide additional depth and breadth in youth entrepreneurship, STEM, underserved, and social venture initiatives. Together, we are focused on building NWA’s entrepreneurship and innovation community, and on building venture communities around the world. Our aim is to provide services to entrepreneurs and venture leaders that are higher quality than if they were to pay for them. We’ve helped build venture communities from Canada to South America….we’ve been busy! We lead the NWA Venture Team / Ozarks Regional Innovation Cluster (ORIC), we help lead the Conductor in Central Arkansas, and we have active operations in Canada (in Winnipeg through Innovate Manitoba and in Nova Scotia through Navigate Startup House). We specialize in supporting ventures innovating around and within retail, consumer packaged goods, supply chain (transportation and logistics), food, and data analytics. However, we do provide in depth support, consulting, and assistance to new ventures and existing ventures from all industry verticals..ranging from biotech to aerospace! From helping entrepreneurs build ventures all the way to helping entire communities build venture and innovation ecosystems, we do it all.