Founded in 2010, Elyxor is a team of software engineering specialists with expertise in Strategy, IT Strategy, SDLC / DevOps, Internet of Things and Application Development.  The executive team has worked together for most of the past 20 years, having constructed multiple successful software firms since the 1990’s.  In that journey, our team has observed common behaviors and practices that have led to successful software firms.  In 2010 the team transitioned from building software product companies to advising firms where creating software solutions are paramount to their success.  We have had success creating a team of practitioners with an average of 15+ years experience.

We are passionate about the areas in which we advise clients.  We believe it is essential that the strategies a firm develops are then enabled in a full software development lifecycle with modern DevOps process, where innovation is accelerated from concept thru deployment to a production service.  We help firms create these new capabilities with our IoT and Application Development talent.

In summary, Elyxor provides:

  • Access to experienced strategy and software experts, who are literate in emerging technologies.
  • Advisors who can turn strategy into real products. We can teach and do.
  • Partners who will put in place SDLC and DevOps processes so you can link the value chain in your business from concept to production, sustaining the pace of innovation your business needs with control.


Elyxor has enabled clients in FinTech, Healthcare, eCommerce, Industrial Products, and Supply Chain.