Wheatsheaf Group Limited

OWS Agri (OWS) is a technology development company, focusing on plasma technologies. The company is looking to commercialise its first technology, which is a “next generation” Ozone technology for application with the food processing, food service and food retail sectors. The company has access to other technologies which are yet to be developed, including Nitric Oxide, which is in the process of commercialisation in the human health space, but is yet to pursue in the food sector.


OWS Agri is wholly owned by Wheatsheaf Group (WGL), a UK based company which directly operates, invests in and helps develop businesses in the food and agriculture sector.  Wheatsheaf focus is on investing in food and agricultural businesses which drive efficiency and adaptability, or reduce reliance on unsustainable resource use or reduce waste and use raw materials more efficiently.


WGL owns TriStrata Group, a market leading supplier of ozone based food safety and quality solutions to the food and beverage industry in North America. The company has over 300 customers across the US and Canada, including several blue chip customers. Customer verticals include Protein, Fruit and Vegetable, Seafood, Cold Storage and Water Purification. The company operates a national sales and service network, supported by a team of scientists, engineers, application experts, installation specialists and service techs who have a deep understanding of the food and beverage industry. TriStrata represents a route to market for OWS technology should OWS validate its potential.