Riceland Foods, Inc.

Riceland Foods, Inc. is a $1 billion/year farmer-owned cooperative, originally established in 1921 by Arkansas farmers who wanted to pool their resources to market their rice. Today, it is considered the largest rice milling and distribution company in the world.

Riceland Today

Riceland’s 6,000 farmer-members grow rice as well as soybeans, wheat and corn, primarily in Arkansas and Missouri, but also in Mississippi, Illinois, Texas and Louisiana. Family farmers comprise over 90 percent of Riceland’s members.

Economic Contribution

Riceland’s revenue from the sales of products and whole grains contribute more than $1 billion annually to the economies of farming communities.  

Harvest activity

Each year, Riceland’s farmer-members deliver more than 125 million bushels of grain to 30+ grain-receiving facilities. District Drier Councils, comprised of farmer-members elected by each grain-receiving facility, provide direction on operations.  An elected Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board direct the affairs of the organization.

Information Technology

Riceland leverages information technology to create effective competitive advantage in the global grain procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and sales channels to over 60 countries world wide. Enterprise databases, ERP systems, web & mobile software, applications, interactive reporting tools and other leading technology solutions are fundamental to the business of Riceland Foods.