Arkansas Center for Data Sciences

ACDS serves as a non-profit dedicated to recruiting and training top Data Science and IT talent for corporations in the State of Arkansas. We partner with companies large and small across all industries to facilitate apprenticeship programs in occupations such as: Cyber Security, Data Analyst, Data Developers, SQL Analyst & other IT related jobs. 

Arkansas Center for Data Sciences (ACDS) provides the curriculum to teach the required general skills, with a customized portion of the curriculum allowing individual corporations to teach its own specific culture, processes and tools.

Our vision is for Arkansas to be a global leader in the transformation of existing industries through the application of data analytics and related computing capabilities involving the integration of technical and business skills, advancement of talent pipelines and ongoing upgrades to relevant workforce skills.


Our strategic priorities include:

  • ​Bridging the gap between corporate Arkansas’ growing tech demand and the talent available to supply it.
  • Aligning a ready-to-contribute tech supply to corporate Arkansas’ ever-increasing tech demand.
  • Building awareness on the advantages of using apprenticeships to identify and develop specific IT talent.


The Arkansas Center for Data Sciences (ACDS) began with the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission and is considered critical to the success of Arkansas as having its leading industries and companies competing in data analytics and computing.


Arkansas Center for Data Sciences Conway, AR, USA
Full time
Arkansas Center for Data Sciences (ACDS)   Developer Apprentice Program   is a full-time paid job opportunity for opportunity for passionate, aspiring software engineers from a non-traditional background to gain the knowledge, tools, and skills to thrive as a software engineer.  An apprenticeship is all about learning. We’re seeking candidates who have the following requirements, but we know you’re just getting your career started, and the program with help you learn and grow. If you’ve had some experience with coding or development in the past, you’re exactly the type of candidate we’re looking for. Ideal candidate profile: Experience writing code using languages such as (and not limited to) COBOL, PL/1, Java, C, C++, C#, VB.Net. Basic Understanding of RDBMS databases such SQL Server and Oracle. Basic understanding of modern software design and development methodologies (e.g., OO). Experience using (or an understanding of the use of) an Integrated Development...