Dassault Falcon Jet

Dassault Falcon Jet's completion center is located at Little Rock National Airport, and employs about 1,800 people. Occupying nearly 1,000,000 total sq. ft., DFJ -Little Rock is the largest Dassault facility in the world. It handles all phases of aircraft completions and modifications such as instrumentation, wiring, interiors, painting, engineering and flight testing. The Little Rock Completion Center is the main completion center for Falcon Jets worldwide. It is among the best equipped and most efficient in the world -- the envy of the completion industry. Little Rock is also home to one of DFJ’s company-owned service centers, Dassault Aircraft Services (DAS). The facility is 100% dedicated to supporting only the Falcon product line. It operates as a “one-stop shop,” servicing all Falcon models with inspections, maintenance and repair needs.