Senior Manager II, Product Manager (Tech) - Data Ventures

  • Walmart
  • Bentonville, AR, United States
  • 01/11/2022

Job Description

Position Summary...

What you'll do...

Position Summary...

What you'll do...

This position is responsible for the operation of a department. You will be expected to perform additional job related responsibilities and duties as assigned and/or necessary.

About Data Ventures:   

Data Ventures exists to unlock the full value of Walmart’s data by developing and productizing B2B data initiatives that empower merchants and suppliers to make better, faster decisions for the business.  As part of this transformation, we’re seeking entrepreneurial individuals to help drive data productization from concept to deployment.  

Essential Functions

You must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.

  • Defines long-term vision and strategies for product family by capitalizing on domain expertise; leveraging internal and external best practices and standards to drive decision making; identifying market opportunities based on an in-depth understanding of the market and competition, overseeing the execution of benchmark studies and competitive assessments, approving business cases; prioritizing and allocating resources; and approving objectives and key performance indicators.

  • Develops and enhances product family by developing and managing product roadmaps; gathering and documenting requirements; overseeing the development of requirements by other associates; collecting and analyzing customer and product data; turning customer insights into actionable priorities and initiatives; defining user and business acceptance criteria and roll out strategy; managing risks and dependencies; and prioritizing product backlog.

  • Crafts and develops solutions to business challenges by communicating requirements to key partners (for example, business leaders, User Experience, Engineering, Analytics); engaging with key partners to determine implementation methods and timeline; and gaining buy-in from executive-level leadership.

  • Drives the execution of multiple business plans and projects by identifying customer and operational needs; developing and communicating business plans and priorities; removing barriers and obstacles that impact performance; providing resources; identifying performance standards; measuring progress and adjusting performance accordingly; developing contingency plans; and demonstrating adaptability and supporting continuous learning.

  • Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates by selecting and training; mentoring; assigning duties; building a team-based work environment; establishing performance expectations and conducting regular performance evaluations; providing recognition and rewards; coaching for success and improvement; and ensuring diversity awareness.

  • Promotes and supports company policies, procedures, mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity by training and providing direction to others in their use and application; ensuring compliance with them; and utilizing and supporting the Open Door Policy.

  • Ensures business needs are being met by evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of current plans, programs, and initiatives; consulting with business partners, managers, co-workers, or other key stakeholders; soliciting, evaluating, and applying suggestions for improving efficiency and cost effectiveness; and participating in and supporting community outreach events.

An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position.


Make Informed Judgments - Uses relevant business metrics, analyses, and reports to measure, monitor, and improve performance.

  • Identifies and applies sound, fact-based criteria in setting priorities and making decisions. Looks beyond symptoms to determine the root causes of problems, and identify and implement applicable solutions. Integrates knowledge and expertise in making fact-based recommendations and decisions.

Customer/Member Centered:

  • Ensure Customer/Member Centered Performance - Analyzes data and information, and develops plans to exceed customer/member expectations.

  • Sponsors initiatives and practices that provide customers/members with desired products, services, and experiences and that grow the business.

  • Ensures customers/members receive the level of service that builds their trust and confidence. Removes barriers to delivering customer/member value, service, and support.

Execution and Results:

  • Ensure Execution and Achieve Results - Conveys a sense of urgency in ways that motivate others to complete responsibilities and achieve goals.

  • Pursues the achievement and alignment of measurable and meaningful goals. Leverages resources and talent to achieve business goals.

  • Ensures others are held accountable for achieving expected results.

  • Prioritizes and balances time, actions, and projects to ensure accomplishment of results.

  • Monitors progress of others and redirects efforts when goals change or results are not met.

Planning and Improvement:

  • Ensure Planning and Improvement - Sets clear expectations, performance measures, and goals, and helps others do the same.

  • Plans for and ensures others have the information, resources, implementation time, and talent needed to accomplish business initiatives.

  • Identifies and plans for improvement in performance using key business metrics.

Influence and Communicate:

  • Build and Influence Team - Develops and communicates logical, convincing reasons, including lessons learned, to build support for one's viewpoints and actions.

  • Involves others in decisions and plans that affect them, when appropriate.

  • Recognizes and rewards team accomplishments, celebrating team and organizational success.

  • Ensures business priorities, change initiatives, and organizational information are communicated in clear and compelling ways.

  • Promotes the exchange of diverse experiences and ideas within own organization.

Ethics and Compliance:

  • Ensure Ethics and Compliance - Actively communicates, trains, and guides associates on compliance with policies and procedures.

  • Maintains an environment that promotes and reinforces the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

  • Anticipates potential issues and takes action to enhance compliance.


  • Adapt and Learn - Demonstrates creativity and strength in the face of change, obstacles, or adversity.

  • Adapts to competing demands and shifting priorities. Updates knowledge and skills to handle new complexities, challenges, and responsibilities.

  • Seeks exposure to new ideas and perspectives.

  • Identifies and takes steps to improve adaptability and continuous learning capabilities in own organization.

Social Responsibility and Reputation:

  • Strengthen Reputation and Local Involvement - Participates in and supports community events, and conducts business in a manner that creates and maintains a "good neighbor" image.

  • Develops external relationships and partnerships to strengthen the reputation of the company.

  • Serves as a credible and effective spokesperson and representative for the company.


  • Manage and Leverage Talent - Develops talent plans for own organization targeted at increasing effectiveness, building diversity, and enhancing bench strength.

  • Manages roles, assignments, and developmental opportunities to maximize organizational performance.

  • Ensures people processes (for example, selection, development, performance evaluation) lead to effective associate performance and desired results throughout own organization.

  • Monitors associate performance and provides constructive feedback that is specific, honest, accurate, and timely.

  • Provides learning opportunities, guidance, and support in the development of associates.

Build Relationships:

  • Network Internally and Externally - Builds trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances with others, inside and outside of the organization.

  • Relates to others in an accepting and respectful manner, regardless of their organizational level, personality, or background.

  • Promotes a team-based work environment that respects, embraces, and values diversity in others.

Physical Activities

The following physical activities are necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position:

  • Observes associate, customer, or supplier behavior.

  • Enters and locates information on computer.

  • Presents information to small or large groups and individuals.

  • Communicates effectively in person or by using telecommunications equipment.

  • Creates documents, reports, etc., using a writing instrument (such as a pencil or pen) or computer.

  • Visually verifies information, often in small print.

  • Reads information, often in small print.


  • Traveling is necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position.

  • Travels internationally to and from multiple facilities or work-sites requiring extended overnight stays.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Communications, or related field and 4 years’ experience in product management or related field OR 6 years’ experience in product management or related field.

  • 2 years' experience leading cross-functional teams.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering or related field.

  • 6 years’ experience in leading product or solution development.

  • 6 years’ experience gathering, identifying, defining, and communicating requirements.

  • 6 years’ experience consulting and advising business partners utilizing detailed analysis.

  • 2 years' experience building and leading high performing teams.

  • Proven track record of successful product creation with measurable business impact.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering, Project Management, Information Technology, or related field AND

  • 4 years’ experience in project management, product management, information systems, operations management, or related area OR

  • 6 years’ experience in project management, product management, information systems, operations management, or related area.

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

  • Supervisory experience

  • Masters: Business Administration

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

As permitted by applicable law, provide evidence of full vaccination as defined by CDC guidelines OR secure approval of medical or religious accommodation for the vaccination mandate., Bachelor of Science and 6 years' product management experience OR Master of Science and 3 years' product management experience.

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Primary Location...

702 SW 8TH ST, BENTONVILLE, AR 72716, United States of America

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