Senior Manager II, Automation Engineering

  • Walmart
  • Bentonville, AR, United States
  • 06/18/2022

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This role may have flexibility to be based out of one of our alternate field location throughout the country.

Data and Digital Literacy: Leverages data analysis tools to explore moderately complex data, develops and tests hypotheses, uses data to influence strategic work, and builds and presents insights. Identifies, implements, and drives technology change within scope of work. Uses visualization tools to represent data and construct coherent stories to influence decisions.
Influential Communication: Organizes thoughts and communicates credibly and concisely in an interdivisional/interdepartmental setup. Presents to and influences teams, customers, and clients, conveying complex information clearly and accurately and addressing ambiguity in a constructive manner. Independently assembles and prepares reports, materials, and storylines that have a structure and logical flow and are based on relevant,fact-based information. Influences teams and leaders to take meaningful action based on sound recommendations. Seeks and provides constructive feedback, anticipates needs/questions, and responds appropriately.
Process Flow Design: Interprets information to quantify the anticipated outcome of supply chain decisions. Describes the typical tasks associated with using and managing suppliers. Understands issues and considerations for inbound and outbound logistics. Describes basic logistical processes and subprocesses. Uses a variety of business process design tools and techniques. Examines, interprets, and explains workflow materials and documentation. Analyzes a process and associated business logic and offers recommendations based on analysis. Carries out business process design tasks with some supervision and coaching. Documents common obstacles and barriers for effective implementation.
Automation System Design: Identifies the areas for usage of automation machineries. Assesses tasks for automation potential. Obtains information about alternative automation solutions. Assists with analyzing space and cost requirements associated with machinery usage. Identifies issues and provides resolutions to problems related to automation machineries.
Automation Integration: Identifies common issues and considerations for bringing a new automation design to a facility. Works with teams to measure and manage project performance. Documents implementation plans and estimates for projects. Documents project implementation meetings,particularly status reports on next steps. Participates in the development of technology interfaces and bridges. Works with existing interfaces and integration and migration plans within assigned area. Prepares integration tests. Measures and compares results with established test criteria.
Mechatronics: Updates existing CAD drawings based on requirements. Describes common drafting conventions, tools, procedures, and processes.Identifies basic functions and features of a design and visualization system. Navigates and troubleshoots control systems. Identifies electrical design concepts and techniques used in supply chains. Cites examples of usage or application of electrical design in automating supply chain processes.Demonstrates knowledge of wiring schematics, ensuring they meet requirements and are compliant. Describes common mechanical components of Distribution Center and Fulfillment Center equipment. Names basic tools or technologies used in mechanical engineering.
Operational Excellence: Assesses situations based on awareness of the goals and operating issues of own department. Seeks guidance when assigned goals conflict with departmental goals or the overall strategy. Documents regulatory and reporting requirements. Resolves obstacles related to goals of own department. Understands the importance of and implementation of One Best Way and Standard Operating Procedure information.Identifies safety hazards and anomalies during the operations processes and reports to supervisor.
Partnership and Collaboration: Builds, maintains, and enhances effective internal and external partnerships. Influences outcomes and assists in communicating shared goals with diverse groups and parties. Identifies and addresses additional partner needs and educate partners on value creation. Communicates with other individuals or teams to solve shared problems. Identifies how changes in business strategy impact talent and recruiting strategies. Consults regularly with leaders of business unit(s) to advise on strategic talent decisions. Brings ideas and solutions to the business and team members. Promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Business Acumen: Provides recommendations to business stakeholders to solve complex business issues (for example, business operations,necessary skills, revenue generation models). Develops business cases for projects with a projected return on investment or cost savings.Demonstrate deep functional knowledge of the business unit/organization being supported. Translates business requirements into projects, activities,and tasks and aligns to overall business strategy. Serves as an interpreter and conduit to connect business needs with tangible solutions and results.Recommends new processes and ways of working.
Project Management: Maintains open communication among project participants and interested parties. Identifies project risks and vulnerabilities.
Creates contingency plans. Conducts regular and ad-hoc project reviews with project teams, sponsors, and clients. Plans, estimates, staffs,organizes, and monitors significant projects. Utilizes preferred tools, techniques, and methods for estimating project costs and timelines. Builds a strategic roadmap that identifies and leverages synergies. Communicates reporting requirements. Creates monitoring and control mechanisms.
Continuous Improvement: Streamlines the critical workflow for executing key processes. Develops methods for improving and establishing controls for critical processes. Sets priorities for addressing process problems that limit performance. Develops scenarios for various system interventions that can be tested, refined, and implemented over time. Facilitates a culture of continuous improvement and widespread systems thinking. Analyzes
findings from improvement cycles to ensure the success of interventions. Clarifies cause/effect relationships among factors that impact organization performance.
Engineering Economics: Advises others on a variety of financial tools, techniques, and approaches. Builds multiple business cases in order to provide comparisons and fully realized options. Conducts and documents analyses of a variety of financial data and cost drivers. Oversees financial analysis to evaluate automation and systems performance. Evaluates financial data and ensures return-on-investment performance according to financial plans. Anticipates the potential impact of decisions based on financial data analysis.
Advanced Analytics: Applies data analysis and data modeling techniques to establish, modify, and maintain data structures and associated components. Utilizes designated data analysis software (both internal and external) to analyze business data. Applies specific computing languages and tools in machine learning (for example, R, Python). Supports the identification and application of statistical techniques based on requirements. Conduct statistical experiments (for example, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals) and builds statistical models.
Talent Management: Implements systems and methods for supporting talent management programs. Maintains relationships with formal and informal mentors. Negotiates for key developmental experiences and transitional experiences. Recommends improvements to talent management initiatives based on analysis of data regarding initiative effectiveness.
Live our Values
Culture Champion
• Models the Walmart values to foster our culture; holds oneself and others accountable; and supports Walmart's commitment to communities, social justice, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability; maintains and promotes the highest standards of integrity, ethics and compliance.
Servant Leadership
• Acts as an altruistic servant leader and is consistently humble, self-aware, honest, and transparent.
Embrace Change
Curiosity & Courage
• Demonstrates curiosity and a growth mindset; fosters an environment that supports learning, innovation, and intelligent risk-taking; and exhibits resilience in the face of setbacks.
Digital Transformation & Change
• Seeks and implements continuous improvements and encourages the team to leverage new digital tools and ways of working.
Deliver for the Customer
Customer Focus
• Delivers expected business results while putting the customer first and consistently applying an omni-merchant mindset and the EDLP and EDLC business models to all plans.
Strategic Thinking
• Adopts a holistic perspective that considers data, analytics, customer insights, and different parts of the business when making plans and shaping the team's strategy.
Focus on our Associates
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
• Identifies, attracts, and retains diverse and inclusive team members; builds a high-performing team; embraces diversity in all its forms; and actively supports diversity goal programs.
Collaboration & Influence
• Builds strong and trusting relationships with team members and business partners; works collaboratively and cross-functionally to achieve objectives; and communicates with energy and positivity to motivate, influence, and inspire commitment and action.
Talent Management
• Creates a discipline and focus around developing talent, promotes an environment allowing everyone to bring their best selves to work, empowers associates and partners to act in the best interest of the customer and company, and regularly recognizes others' contributions and accomplishments.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Option 1: Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related field and 4 years' experience in Engineering, supply chain, or a related area. Option 2: 6
years' experience in Engineering, supply chain, or a related area.
2 years' supervisory experience.

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Masters: Computer Engineering

Primary Location...
601 N WALTON BLVD, BENTONVILLE, AR 72716, United States of America

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