2022 Campus FT: Automation Engineer

  • Walmart
  • Bentonville, AR, United States
  • 06/18/2022

Job Description

Position Summary...

What you'll do...

Partnership and Collaboration: Engages with team members on a periodic basis and establishes credibility. Analyzes stakeholder needs and partners
with stakeholders to share relevant information. Responds effectively and efficiently to requests. Takes a "one team" approach to collaborate and
accomplish goals for the business.

Process Flow Design: Interprets information to quantify the anticipated outcome of supply chain decisions. Describes the typical tasks associated with
using and managing suppliers. Understands issues and considerations for inbound and outbound logistics. Describes basic logistical processes and
subprocesses. Uses a variety of business process design tools and techniques. Examines, interprets, and explains workflow materials and
documentation. Analyzes a process and associated business logic and offers recommendations based on analysis. Carries out business process
design tasks with some supervision and coaching. Documents common obstacles and barriers for effective implementation.

Operational Excellence: Explains operational functions and key functional roles of assigned department or unit. Clarifies the role of each department
or unit and its relevance to the enterprise strategy. Describes the interdependence of support functions and line operating functions. Identifies the
primary operational functions of the organization. Understands where to locate and how to read One Best Way and Standard Operating Procedure
information. Locates information regarding fundamental practices and policies. Lists common tasks and activities performed by operations functions
and subfunctions.

Data and Digital Literacy: Leverages data analysis tools to explore moderately complex data, develops and tests hypotheses, uses data to influence
strategic work, and builds and presents insights. Identifies, implements, and drives technology change within scope of work. Uses visualization tools
to represent data and construct coherent stories to influence decisions.

Business Acumen: Supports the development of business cases and recommendations. Owns the delivery of project activity and tasks assigned by
others. Supports process updates and changes. Solves simple business issues. Demonstrates functional knowledge of the business unit/organization
being supported.

Influential Communication: Organizes thoughts and communicates confidently, credibly, and concisely within scope of work. Presents to and
influences team and business partners, conveying messages through a basic understanding of the relevant context. Utilizes relevant data and fact-based
information to articulate results and provide recommendations in a structured manner. Actively listens to others, seeks and provides
constructive feedback, and provides ideas/recommendations on processes. Proactively builds a personal network.

Mechatronics: Updates existing CAD drawings based on requirements. Describes common drafting conventions, tools, procedures, and processes.
Identifies basic functions and features of a design and visualization system. Navigates and troubleshoots control systems. Identifies electrical design
concepts and techniques used in supply chains. Cites examples of usage or application of electrical design in automating supply chain processes.
Demonstrates knowledge of wiring schematics, ensuring they meet requirements and are compliant. Describes common mechanical components of
Distribution Center and Fulfillment Center equipment. Names basic tools or technologies used in mechanical engineering.

Automation System Design: Describes key measures of success associated with the use of automation machineries. Documents the criteria for
evaluating automation opportunities. Explains the benefits and risks associated with usage of automation machineries. Provides examples of tasks
that have been automated through usage of machineries.

Project Management: Identifies project management tools and requirements within assigned function. Provides examples of critical paths in projects.
Explains the concepts of phase, activity, task, and deliverable. Describes the key objectives, phases, and deliverables of a current project.

Automation Integration: Understands the concepts and uses for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Cites examples of tests for each of the major
phases of development and production. Demonstrates a basic understanding of organizational project implementation practices and tools. Explains
common integration requirements for supply chain processes, machineries used in warehouses, and other processes carried out in warehouses.
Identifies typical integration issues related to other pieces of automations used in warehouses.

Continuous Improvement: Seeks help to implement ideas for process improvement for the group. Identifies the main processes for which the group is
responsible. Demonstrates the ability to describe the interrelationships among elements of a system or process. Applies the concept of continuous
improvement to identify opportunities for greater efficiency. Understands and explains principles of continuous improvement methodologies such as
Lean, Six Sigma, or Kaizen.

Engineering Economics: Describes the concepts behind engineering economics and the implications of financial data. Understands the drivers of
cost. Identifies major types of financial data utilized by the organization. Explains how financial data is accessed and the types of information used in
engineering. Understands how to develop a business case.

Advanced Analytics: Explains the key concepts and features of data analysis methods. Lists the major sources (for example, tools, dashboards,
industry sources) for collecting data. Explores, compiles, and manipulates data using various tools. Analyzes data and computes descriptive statistics
that identify trends, outliers, and correlations.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Option 1: Bachelor's degree in Engineering or related field and 1 year's experience in engineering, supply chain, or related area. Option 2: 3 years'
experience in engineering, supply chain, or related area.

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Masters: Computer Engineering

Primary Location...
601 N WALTON BLVD, BENTONVILLE, AR 72716, United States of America

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