Computer Support Specialist

  • Arkansas State Jobs
  • Little Rock, AR, USA
  • 04/06/2019
Full time

Job Description

The Computer Support Specialist is responsible for a wide range of activities related to computer support such as the implementation, maintenance, and utilization of microcomputer and mainframe systems. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy. Responds to complex and specialized product requests from users by analyzing needs, evaluating alternatives, and recommending a course of action. Researches and evaluates current and future computer related technologies. Develops strategies for developing and implementing specialized computer products. Maintains expertise in a variety of specialized application software packages. Evaluates and implements necessary adjustments to applications to accommodate user requirements. Installs software updates and coordinates with developer or manufacturer to resolve problems and may analyze computer generated products to identify source of errors and work with system developers and users to resolve problems. Recommends changes or updates in programming, documentation, and training to address system deficiencies and user needs. Performs other duties as assigned. Knowledge of the limitations and use of mainframe and microcomputer hardware and software. Ability to analyze computer system problems or errors and devise corrective measures. Ability to write moderately complex applications to fulfill requirements or select appropriate off-the-shelf software and modify to suit the agency or institution. Ability to read and interpret technical literature and evaluate product acceptability and/or quality. Ability to manage disk space for micro, mini, or personal computer systems to ensure effective utilization of data, space, and equipment. Ability to code, test, and debug computer programs and write program documentation. Experience with various types of computer imaging and remote support applications. Configure laptops and desktops for VPN access and other user-needed customization. Ability to perform Layer 2 network configuration using CLI and GUI-bases management platforms. Willingness and ability to travel state-wide to offices and rural centers.

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